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1) Work Pass Applications ( Work Permit / S Pass / Employment Pass )

2) Renewal / Transfer of Work Pass

3) Recruitment of Staff

We assist clients with the collation of the bio-data/recruitment of foreign workers (except domestic workers), submission of work pass applications to MOM as well as the deposit of security bonds with MOM for Non-Malaysian Work Permit holders.

Once the applications are successful, we will make the necessary arrangements for the workers' medical examination and attendance of the Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC VERSION 2 - 2 day course).

Besides, we will handle all subsequent procedures regarding the workers' Identity Verification at BCA, collection of the Work Permit Cards as well as the submission of any related documents.


Lian Beng Test Centre is our Overseas Test Centre (Bangladesh) for General Workers in the Construction Industry.
Available Trades for Testing
1) Suspended Ceiling installation (Acoustical) (AC) (隔音吊顶)
2) Aluminium Formwork (AFW)
3) Aluminium Windows & Doors (AWD)
4) Cladding Installation (CI)
5) Curtain Wall Installation (CWI)
6) Ducting Installation for Air-con & Ventilation  (DAV) (空调通风)
7) Electrical Wiring Installation (EWI) (电线路铺设)
8) Fibrous Plaster Ceiling Installation (FPC)
9) Fire Sprinkler Installation (FS)
10) Interior Drywall installation (IDW)
11) Joinery (JN)
12) Pipe Fitting (PF)
13) Plumbing & Pipe Fitting (PPF) (水管与卫生管道安装)
14) Steel Reinforcement Work (SR) (钢筋)
15) Structural Steel Fitting (SSF)
16) Doors & Windows Installation (Timber) (TD) (木门安装)
17) Timber Formwork (TF) (木工)
18) Timber Flooring (TFR)
19) Thermal Insulation (Pipework) (TI)
20) Waterproofing (WP)
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